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[When Cayla was abducted a week ago, she barely struggled. Mostly because of her bad headcold. She still has it, but now with additional effects, and she struggles to hold back a sneeze as she speaks into her journal.]

Well, I'm back. I want to apologize to Raine and Helios, I'll come back to work as soon as I...

[In the middle of her speech, though, she can't hold back the sneeze anymore. Even as she sneezes, though, she... vanishes. Her journal hits the ground with a thud, falling closed.]

((OOC: Cayla's mallynap effect is such that whenever she sneezes, she teleports to a new location. Tags will be in action form, since she lost her journal. SOMEONE GIVE HER SOME TISSUES!))
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[After the droids leave, Cayla is left, shivering slightly despite the heat, near the battledome. The same place she was picked up a few weeks ago. But she is more broken and confused than she was then. Is this real? Or were the things she's been seeing for the fast few weeks the reality, and she's lost hold of it again?

Looking at her hands, she reasons that there's only one way to find out. To know you're dreaming, pain works. Right? Of course, decision making skills aren't at their best when your system is full of drugs. Slowly reaching behind her, Cayla grabs a handful of feathers, and yanks...

She can't hold back a little shriek at the pain this causes. The black and white plumage is released to the air as she pitches forward, unconscious.]


[The journal shows mostly sky, but also the edge of the battledome roof. There is a faint sound of movement, a yelp, and a thud of a body hitting the ground. Shortly after that, a single white feather with a small amount of blood on the shaft lands on the camera.]
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[A soft sob... Coming from behind the clinic in town. There, a young, dark haired woman is curled in a ball, releasing more pent-up emotion than she has in quite a while. She's freaking out, and no surprise, all things considered. After all, she just woke up in a strange place, in clothing she's never seen, with wings.

It doesn't help that to her, this is just a sign that her schizophrenia is getting worse. It also doesn't help that the dress is vaguely reminiscent of the clothes patients wear at mental hospitals; she half believes she's in one.

Even though it's spring, it's a little nippy, and she's shivering in her thin cotton dress. She hasn't noticed the journal sitting by her feet, but she has at least stopped crying, though her breathing is still rapid.]

I don't know if I want this to be real or not...
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Want to thread with Cayla? Need to contact her for any other reason? Please leave type of communication, as well as the date on which it occurs.
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Have any questions, comments or concerns about the way I play Cayla? Am I falling out of character? Anything to add to my research? Please let me know! Comments will be screened.


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