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Want to thread with Cayla? Need to contact her for any other reason? Please leave type of communication, as well as the date on which it occurs.


Date: 2012-09-25 11:10 pm (UTC)
adele_leblanc: right, tired, sad (No way to know)
From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc
And what caused you to lose yourself?

[The vaguest of terms, just to be polite. Adele has a much better idea as to what it is to lose where you are now. It's not the same as whatever Cayla lived with, not in the slightest. She knew the cause, took steps to deal with it- there was an external catalyst. Cayla's situation...She doesn't know enough to say anything..]


Date: 2012-09-30 01:29 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc
[For the moment she'll let it sit. Enjoy her coffee and try to keep herself from slipping sideways in reality herself.]

They are fond of altering our perceptions of the world.


Date: 2012-10-02 05:05 pm (UTC)
adele_leblanc: right, serious, confused (You have my attention)
From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc
Sometimes it helps, sometimes it only brings up more questions.

[Adele taps her fingers against her mug and looks across to Calya, brow furrowed.]

...The last time I saw you in the clinic there was a particular brand of pharmaceutical left at your bedside that we do not carry in the clinic.


Date: 2012-10-02 11:53 pm (UTC)
adele_leblanc: center, serious, smile, smirk (I'm here. For now.)
From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc

[It's low, firm, but not unkind.]

I am asking as your friend. Please. Help me understand.


Date: 2012-10-03 02:12 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc
It was...and I did.

[It's one thing to make connections and read up on something- another entirely to hear it from the one that endures it. She'd hoped Cayla would come to her about this sooner. Perhaps she didn't think she would treat her the same way?]


Date: 2012-10-05 02:44 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc
[That confirms her suspicious- and leaves her feeling more than a little cold. Someone else she doesn't know enough to help should things go wrong. She shakes her head of that thought, stands and rests a hand on her shoulder.]

...for what? For keeping this to yourself? Cayla you are entitled to your privacy.


Date: 2012-10-09 08:54 pm (UTC)
adele_leblanc: center, (Why must I deal with this?)
From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc
There is no reason to apologize Cayla. This is not something shared easily or lightly. I understand, truly.

[They were friends, but the level of trust required for this goes beyond what they have- she asked initially out of concern that the Malnosso might be manipulating Cayla with false medication. But as it is real, as it is helping her? She has no room to comment.

She rubs small circles into Cayla's back, about to murmur another soft comfort when she locks up and her breath leaves her in a sharp swear. Adele's world grows cold and dark- and for five seconds she's somewhere else entirely. Somewhere bloody and painful and wrong. She shakes herself once she's back in her own mind and takes a step back. Sinks into her chair and scrubs her face.]



Date: 2012-10-09 10:06 pm (UTC)
adele_leblanc: right, sad, serious, tired (Keep talking. I'm walking.)
From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc

[She turns her hand over, curling her fingers around Cayla's. Giving it a squeeze to anchor herself as much as the younger woman.]

Honestly? No. This is...this is not a medical condition. It's a curse, from a god. And I had hoped to be rid of it weeks ago.

[A long moment and she scrubs at her eyes before looking up. Attempts a weary half smile.]


Date: 2012-10-09 11:49 pm (UTC)
adele_leblanc: center, sad, serious (My condolences)
From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc
He possessed Helios. It was a mess.

[She pinches the bridge of her nose, bottles up as much stress as she can manage and decides, no. Not tonight.]

There are gods in the village, yes. Saori, a dear friend of mine, saved me and has been helping me manage this...curse. Normally it is not so very terrible but with as anxious as the past few weeks have left me. I think tonight I just want to drink until my liver gives out.


Date: 2012-10-10 12:26 am (UTC)
adele_leblanc: right, serious, confused (You have my attention)
From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc
It happened in early August, Cayla. It's been dealt with. The god was sealed, it won't happen again.

[She reaches up to squeeze Cayla's hand.]

Better that you were somewhere safe and nowhere near danger.


Date: 2012-10-10 08:30 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc
We do not know what brought it on...and I am glad that you were not there. The god possessing him was not one to talk or listen to reason. He was cold, violent, and cruel. You need none of that in your life Lapin.


Date: 2012-10-16 08:03 pm (UTC)
adele_leblanc: right, serious, smile, sad (If I can help I will)
From: [personal profile] adele_leblanc
You can be here for him in the aftermath Cayla. He needs that more now than he would at the time.

[She reaches over to rub Cayla's back. She's glad the girl didn't know until now.]

Oui. I think it suits you, but if you do not care for it...


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